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Our initial attempts to design, manufacturer & distribute fine, British made underwear for men was problem stricken from the off. UK factories with the ability, facilities & inclination to assist us were almost non existent yet this journey of exploration made our team even more determined to breathe life into our dream. Fed up with the lack of attention & creativity aimed at men's underwear we decided to risk everything & create a range of handmade, top quality undergarments that will excite & rejuvenate men around the world.

Every Undercrackers garment is inspired, designed & handmade within the UK. Even our range of top quality fabrics are all manufactured & dyed in the UK also which assures you several things- comfort, quality & longevity


Our 2016 collection represents merely the tip of our creative iceberg & we hope that you will be as excited as us once our full range goes live over the next few months. If you don't see a range for you today, please make sure that you bookmark us & pop back now & again.